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CSS, the good parts

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The death of Internet Explorer in 2022 finally opened the doors to a new era of web development. The Year of the Evergreen browser, where we still have a lowest common denominator (hint: it’s Safari) but it’s a lot less-low than it used to be. This is a list where I’ll collect list notes to remember what I’m missing using Tailwind.

Consequently, I’ve been writing more and more custom CSS without Tailwind. I’m still a big fan of Tailwind, but the web platform keeps getting better and better.

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New New

.nesting {
	& > .child {
		/* styles */
.post {
	container-type: inline-size;

@container (min-width: 640px) {
	header h1 {
		font-size: 1rem;

‡ These have been around for long enough that I no longer consider them new, but still make life much, much better so I’ll include them here anyway.

Old New