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Samuel R. Delany

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I read The New Yorker profile on Delany and immediately bought Dhalgren, as it sounded like it was up my alley. I asked my brother if he had read it, which he said he had, several times, which triangulated the recommendation to me. This is a long book and doesn’t have much in the way of exposition or trad narrative, so I suspect it will be on my backburner for a while.

Unnamed Protagonist I haven’t been around people who know me for…for a while now.

Use of the verb wink “The leaves winked.” ”[…] the ashy leather , swinging as Laufer tuned, winked over a circular brass buckle […]”

Bellona reminds me of the city in the first part of Final Fantasy VII. The post-unnamed catastrophe wasteland aspects remind me of Fallout 4.

Lots of third person but then brief slips into first person Equipped with contradictory visions, an ugly hand caged in pretty metal, I observe a new mechanics. I do not recognize any protection in this leafy blister.

More echoes of video games Tak’s boot heels tattoo the way. I can envision a dotted line left after him.