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Satisfy - I was a sucker for instagram ads and bought what seemed like a too-expensive t-shirt from them. Then I got hooked. Their cotton hits a combination of soft-light-durable that’s very impressive. For a while after college I worked in the backstock of an American Apparel where I dealt with unholy volumes of cotton t-shirts, so I consider myself [somewhat of an expert].

Tracksmith - Everything I have from Tracksmith is fantastic.

Ciele Athletics - As best I can tell, Ciele makes hats that are indestructible. I have only purchased more than one hat from them to try different styles. The original hat I bought 4 years ago still looks bright and unworn, and I’ve run hundreds and hundreds of miles in it, and running it through a washing machine cycle every time. They are unkillable.





Apple Ultra Watch. Over time I’m less and less convinced that this is a “great” option for running. But I don’t have a basis for comparison, so it is my winner by default.

Powerbeats Pro. More battery life than I have endurance. Sweatproof. Physical buttons, no touching or tapping.


Bandanas. Cheap, versatile. It keeps you warm in the wind. Get it wet and it cools you down in the sun. Can never go wrong with a classic cotton bandana.

Salomon Adv Skin 12 backpack. I had the medium version for several years and then realized it was a bit too small for me. I have the large version now in red. Holds stuff. Lots of straps and options for water: 2L reservoir and 2x 1L flasks.

Recovery kit: Hoka One One recovery sandals, lacrosse ball, anti-fatigue mat + standing desk, theracane, Yeti 32oz Rambler