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16 open tabs

I have 16 open browser tabs RIGHT NOW

Right now, I have 16 open tabs in my browser.

By all measures, this is not a lot of tabs. I see people at work that have tab stacks so dense only a single pixel rendering the faintest sliver of each tab. Or multiple windows, 6 or 7 layers deep, each with 10 tabs or more, the tab bar taking up the full width of the screen. I try and do better than that.

I like to treat my work environment with a little more respect by closing things down at the beginning or end of each day, or at very least once a week.

So that leaves my pc at home. That’s where the tabs pile up, unread and unwanted, for weeks on end. I come back to them every day, occasionally adding to them, and sometimes nuking the whole session altogether.

But on any given day I have an accretion of internet detritus to ponder over. It was Jorge Luis Borges who said that reading is a more intellectual activity than writing; I never read most of them.

Here is the (annotated) list of tabs I currently have open:

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